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Happy Birthday EJ

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Elliot would of been 9 today. His mum Andrea shares a poem today to remember him.

EJ, Happy Birthday my little man.

The quietness hurt so much when I awoke today,

Just reminds my heart of what will never be.

It should have been a loud and happy birthday for you EJ,

Instead we just get to take a balloon to your tree,

Fill up the bird feeders and say Happy 9th Birthday

Before we have to walk away and face the day.

I wear a special bracelet every day,

It’s my way of feeling close to you EJ.

It has 3 buttons on from your favourite red shirt,

It’s a tiny way for me to deal with my heart when it hurts.

It’s the shirt you wore on your second birthday EJ,

That was 7 years ago today.

Today, you would be 9 years old,

Wow, big boy now EJ.

So far away from my little toddler boy,

Who brought us all so much amazing joy.

I wonder most days what you would be like now,

What would you look like?

How would you sound?

I often wish for the life we should have had,

A part of my heart will always be so so sad.

Although, It doesn’t get any easier EJ.

And my heart still hurts beyond belief.

I’m proud of the legacy that’s in your name,

Your love and hugs still have a strong reach

This sadness and hurt is all part of the grief

And that’s ok because our love for you is embedded in our hearts so so deep

We will always love you more than words can ever say,

Happy 9th Birthday EJ

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