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Help for Schools & Professionals

Bereavement Support Seminars for Schools

We've teamed up with Child Bereavement UK to develop a seminar to support people working in schools, the community and voluntary organisations in the Leeds area to support bereaved families during their grief.  Can we help with your bereavement training?

Get in touch with us to learn more about these seminars.


We wish that Emily and Oliver’s school had been aware of these resources as not only would it have helped them get the right support but it would also have taken the pressure of us as parents to feel we had to tell the school what support was needed.  If you work in schools the links below are really useful in terms of resources and practical guidance to helping children in schools.





  • Child Bereavement UK - Support for professionals pages
    These pages are useful if you are a professional who works with bereaved families or is likely to come into contact with families who have lost a child.  We feel that all the staff we came into contact with treated us with great care and compassion but we also have had feedback from them that they wanted to do more but didn’t know what to do.  This site is really helpful in this respect.

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