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Who We Are

We are a charity that helps families through child bereavement.  We offer help and guidance whilst campaigning and fundraising for improved bereavement services.  We are working hard to take the loneliness and frustration out of the systems and processes that families face in the aftermath of losing a child.

Elliot's Footprint was founded in March 2014 one year after the sudden and unexpected death of Elliot, the much loved son of Andrea and John Kerslake, who was just 2 years and 9 months old when he passed away.  His family were shocked by the lack of professional support they received following Elliot's death and as a result founded Elliot's Footprint as a lasting legacy to Elliot and to help ensure that no other family had to feel the same desperate isolation and loneliness that they endured and to help guide families through the journey they find themselves on.

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