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Meeting with Kevin Hollinrake MP

Over the Christmas period our founders, John & Andrea Kerslake met with MP Kevin Hollinrake MP down in London. They were there to discuss Kevin's proposed bill the Parental Bereavement (Leave and Pay) Bill.

It proposes that parents who experience child loss be given a minimum of two weeks paid leave to be taken within 56 days of the loss.After taking part in an online debate about the bill Kevin invited the Kerlake's to meet with him to discuss some of the issues that we raised. We gave him copies of our research (and an EF Badge).

Andrea said:'It was great to be invited to meet with Kevin and share with him our thoughts and concerns around the Bill. He was very open and honest about what he thinks is achievable in this Parliament and it was fantastic to be asked to help with getting this bill passed.'

John added:'One of our key areas of concern was around the 56 day period in which grieving parents must take their two weeks of leave. This would not be a long enough period for parents in the case of complicated child death.

He was interested in hearing more stories about this so we are asking our members and friends to give us any examples where in the case of losing a child a 56 day window for taking leave would not have been enough.'We want to thank Kevin for his time and if you have a story to share with us please contact us on or use our facebook page:

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