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The First Five Months of Our Partnership With Child Bereavement UK

We are very excited to share our Child Bereavement UK Partnership Impact Report

Nicola Thornton has been in post for 5 months and in this time has established a West Yorkshire Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood (SUDIC) Bereavement Support Service providing Key Worker and Bereavement Support.

From January 2024 SUDIC referrals have been steadily received from Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield. These consist of baby and child deaths. Close links are made with Huddersfield and Calderdale who are actively promoting the support, with potential referrals coming from this area.

7 SUDIC referrals have been supported so far engaging 6 parents and 4 sibling survivors of primary and secondary school age (9-12yrs old).

Nicola’s role also supports Child Deaths (non SUDIC). So far supporting 2 families across Leeds and Kirklees, engaging 2 parents and 3 siblings of primary age (7-11yrs old).

Support sessions consist of parent, family and individual young person support, Face to Face, Telephone, Email and Zoom provision.  

Future support currently being planned will include a SUDIC Parent Bereavement Support Group online across West Yorkshire.

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