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We Won At Charity Awards 2022

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Huge congratulations to everyone at Elliot’s Footprint and Forget Me Not Hospice for the success at the Charity Awards 2022. Winning the category and helping raise awareness of SUDIC (sudden unexpected death in children). Also great appreciation to past colleagues who helped create and shape a partnership service that has helped many families in the darkest of times.

Well done to Callie and Sally, great recognition for you work.

Luen Thompson (Chief Exec of FMN) - We’re thrilled to have won this prestigious award in recognition of our unique and vital work supporting families who have been devastated by the sudden and unexpected loss of their child. Hopefully this will result in more families across the UK getting the help they desperately need at the worst times imaginable.

I’m incredibly proud of the whole Forget Me Not team who have worked so hard to develop and deliver this service and to raise the funds we need to be able to provide it. And thanks too to Elliot’s Footprint, whose invaluable research and partnership led to the creation of this service. A huge well done to everyone involved.”

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