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Latest report on Sudden and Unexpected Deaths in Infancy and Childhood

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

The latest report from the National Child Mortality Database on Sudden and Unexpected Deaths in Infancy and Childhood, has been published today. This report will use the unique data submitted by Child Death Overview Panels around England to investigate sudden and unexpected deaths both among infants and older children, and to draw out learning and recommendations for service providers and policymakers. We know this report is important for families.

There will be a family information session to give families the chance to hear directly from the report authors about the findings and have an opportunity to ask questions.

This webinar is hosted by The Lullaby Trust, and Professor Peter Fleming will unpack the key findings of the report, before being joined by a panel of the report’s authors including Elliot's Footprint to answer questions about these novel findings.

The session is free and open to all with free registration in advance by clicking on the link below.

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