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Andrea starts her Challenge!

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Elliot’s mum Andrea started her half marathon crutches challenge yesterday morning at at The Mansion House Roundhay Park. She will be completing 13 laps of the Roundhay Park Run circuit to complete her half marathon on crutches and yesterday she managed 3 laps, a staggering total of 3.6miles. Following her first day Andrea said;

'First leg done - 3.6 miles - 3 x Roundhay Park Run route - more than I had intended but it was sooo cold that I thought that extra lap would warm me up! I started at what is a reasonable pace for me these days but slowed down so it was taking just under an hour per mile - but I got there. Ankle, wrists, back and shoulders at letting me know its been an active morning! Thanks for everyone's support so far and hopefully leg two will start tomorrow, same place, same time Hopefully this time I might get a Mansion House bacon buttie in as well.'

To support her & follow her progress go to

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