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A poem for EJ

Today is the 6th anniversary of Elliott's passing. His mum Andrea has written a poem to reflect on this day.

EJ, my little man

It’s 6 years since you went away,

But it will always feel like it happened just yesterday.

That Sunday started as any ordinary day.

Along with the other mums I’ve met along the way.

I wish I could turn back time and just press pause forever EJ,

There is nothing that can be said that will ever

make this OK.

But I guess it is what it is EJ, something I just can’t change.

But in your memory we are doing our best to be ok.

You’ll be proud of your guys and all they’ve achieved,

And our amazing friends who in us have still believed.

I wasn’t prepared for the pain of this grief,

There are moments that are beyond anything I could ever have believed.

But there are also moments that a memory of you makes my heart smile

And I know our love for you means this pain is all worthwhile.

EJ, you are the broken rainbow in the sky,

You are the Robin singing in the tree,

You are the butterfly that landed on my knee,

the time I was sat devastated by your tree.

You are the smile that warms our hearts,

Yours is the love that helps guide us through.

You are the white feather that falls right on cue,

We will always share our love for you.

I love you more than words can ever say,

You are forever in my heart and soul EJ.

Happy 5th Birthday Elliot’s Footprint

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