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Meet Nicola
SUDIC Bereavement Support, Child Bereavement UK, Leeds

'I’ve been working for Child Bereavement UK for three months and work four days a week, Monday to Thursday. I am a SUDIC (Sudden Unexpected Death of an Infant or Child) Bereavement Support Practitioner, a role set up in partnership with Elliot's Footprint and based within the Leeds Service, covering the West Yorkshire region.
My role supports families when a child dies and when there is a child death review. The support comprises of two roles, offering practical help through a keyworker role in addition to the longer-term bereavement support offer that families may require.   

I offer practical key worker support to bereaved parents and carers to help them to better understand, engage with and navigate the SUDIC processes and organisations involved, which can include the police, coroners, hospitals, employers and schools. I also advocate, as appropriate, on behalf of the parents and carers ensuring the family's voice is heard throughout the process. In addition to this work I provide bereavement support for bereaved parents and carers when they choose that it is the right time for them.
My role also involves identifying and working to fill gaps across the SUDIC landscape such as the development of a SUDIC bereavement parent/carer support group in Leeds and a Professionals Advisory Support Network for SUDIC professionals. The bereavement support has also now widened to include the surviving sibling/s, recognising the need for whole family support.'


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