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Our Bereavement Support Worker

We're a charity that helps families through child bereavement. We offer help and guidance whilst campaigning and fundraising for improved bereavement services.  Through our ground breaking research we identified the need to have someone to be there for families at the immediate point of need after the loss of a child.

Working with other organisations in the region we have raised funds to pay for a a Bereavement Support Worker who can reach out and be there for a family when they need them the most.  The work that the Bereavement Support Worker has done is already having a positive impact on those she has helped and is lessening problems with mental health.


It is vital that we continue to raise more funds in the future to make sure we can continue to fund this invaluable post for years to come.  They are there to help them through the first few days, weeks and months if needed.  They can offer tailored support that the family feel they need, whether this is helping them work out what to tell their children, who to contact to arrange a funeral, or to explain the coroners process – they will be there.  They can also help to guide them to what ongoing support they may need whether this be meeting other families or one to one counselling.  They can follow up with the family in the months and in some cases years ahead – because every family needs something different, just because a year or two has passed, doesn’t make the devastation any easier to deal with.

Join us to raise money so we can make sure that when the worst thing that can happen to a parent, the sudden death of their child – they are not alone.

If you can raise £500 the support worker can support families for a whole week.

A donation of £1,000 will provide support for two weeks.

Raising £2,000 will pay for the role for one month.

We have a load of resources and a fundraising pack to help get you started.

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