We are managed 100% by volunteers and have no guaranteed income.

The only way we can deliver the services, support and improvements that we know grieving families so desperately need is by receiving donations from individuals and businesses.

Please support us by donating what you can.

Why your donation matters

Elliot’s Footprint launched on 3 March 2014 to mark the one year anniversary of two year old, Elliot John  Kerslake’s death. 

We are still a very young charity and we have big ambitions and aspirations for helping the many families who will face devastating loss without the adequate and appropriate bereavement support that they so desperately need.

Please take a look at our aims & outcomes to find out more about how we plan to develop and grow and why public support is so important.

Elliot’s parents Andrea and John and their two children Emily and Oliver are at the heart of the charity, so everything we do is coming from the knowledge and experience of a recently bereaved family who have been through the immense pain of losing a child, dealt with a detached and disjointed system and faced the reality of a complete lack of support.