Vision & mission

At Elliot's Footprint we are working towards a vision that no family will struggle alone after the sudden loss of a child.

Our mission

Supporting families to rebuild their lives after the sudden death of a child by providing information, linking bereavement services and funding bereavement support.


We want to provide families and anyone closely connected with a child that has died, with supportive information that will help guide them through the immediate aftermath as well as the weeks, months and years that follow.  

Linking bereavement services

We aim to link together bereavement services and other statutory bodies and professionals that may be involved in the family’s journey after experiencing child bereavement.  This will maximise the support given and reduce the negative impact that can result when a family is not in control, not informed, given wrong information and treated poorly. 

Funding bereavement support

We will fund bereavement support for families in west Yorkshire, where there is insufficient help, extremely long waiting lists and inaccessible ring-fenced specialist support.