Our ambitions

We feel really strongly that no family should have to struggle alone to cope with the sudden loss of their child.

We want our experience to help improve the support available to other families in the future.

We want to raise awareness of the needs of bereaved families, make good quality and relevant information easily available and fundraise to ensure that families can access the bereavement support they need, when and where they need it.  

Every family will be different in what they need and that need is likely to change as days change to weeks, months and years.  We don't for one moment presume we know exactly what is right for another family which is why we feel a range of bereavement support should be available and accessible.

We thought that help and support would be there in our desperate time of need. We thought that our children’s schools would be prepared and trained to help.

In reality, we were left to find our own support, putting words into Google to see what came up – when we found anything we thought could help, it was either hundreds of miles away in the south or ring-fenced because it was specific charity related, as Elliot didn’t die of a specific illness we could not access the support. 

The support we have managed to access has largely been through the luck of knowing people and by chance introductions and we don't feel that good support should be down to luck, or that you should be forced into private counselling because the waiting lists on the NHS are too long.

We know that we can't take away the pain or devastation caused by the loss of a child, but we do hope that through Elliot's Footprint we can offer a gateway to good advice and support that may make the smallest of difference and help families to start taking the steps towards rebuilding their lives.