Aims & outcomes

Follow our progress as we work towards our vision that no family will struggle alone after the sudden loss of a child.

Although only formed in 2014, Elliot’s Footprint has already begun to work towards our vision that no family will struggle alone after the sudden loss of a child. The impact of such a tragic life event is felt widely within in a community. When Elliot died so unexpectedly on what had been such an ordinary happy family Sunday in March 2013, a series of events and experiences began that have influenced and directed the projects we describe below.

This website is still in development, but we are confident that in the future it will provide a gateway to support for anyone affected by the sudden and unexpected loss of a child. We will provide links to relevant statutory information that will support families through every step of the legal process and will try to humanise this with the personal experiences of families who have themselves been through it.

We will always link to other bereavement websites that we believe provide useful and relevant information and advice.

Friends, work colleagues and schools can also be impacted by the sudden and unexpected death of a child. In our first year, our priority will be to develop information for schools that will support staff with the impact on the school community. We are excited to confirm that we plan to do this in partnership with another UK based bereavement charity that supports the aims of Elliot's Footprint.

When a child or young person suddenly dies, a large number of professional and statutory bodies become involved. At Elliot's Footprint we believe that there is a need for some of these professionals to receive further guidance about how they can best support and communicate with a grieving family in the immediate aftermath of the loss. We have already been encouraged by the enthusiasm of General Practitioners and Accident and Emergency staff who want to work with us.

We also believe that the agencies involved do not effectively work together to help relieve the grief and distress suffered by the family. We will be working with contacts locally in order to make recommendations to relevant national bodies and organisations about positive changes they can make.

No family should have to wait months to access quality bereavement support, or be forced to pay for it themselves. There is a huge un-met demand for a range of effective bereavement support that is either free, or subsidised. We also believe that support offered should be led by what families feel they need when they need it. We will be raising money to deliver high-quality, timely and accessible bereavement support.

We hope to raise enough money to fund research into the impact on families of the sudden and unexpected loss of a child. This research would be used to direct our future work priorities and that of others who work in the field of bereavement support.