A Poem for EJ

A Poem for EJ

Andrea has written a poem on the four year anniversary of Elliot's passing

It’s been 4 years EJ,

4 years since you’ve not been here to play,

My little man, our hearts still ache,

How could you go to sleep and just not wake?

It’s still so hard to understand,

Why your life didn’t just go as planned,

We’d expected to just see you grow,

Our secret tears still flow.

4 years is no time at all, still feels like yesterday,

Watching you with your dinosaurs at play,

I long to have you back EJ

Even if I could just snatch one more day,

These poems are always hard EJ,

Because there is always so much I want to say,

Please just know EJ

That we all still love you

More than words can ever say

Today in his memory we launch a new fundraising campaign to #supporteveryfamily suffering the loss of a child.

Click here to find out how you can help.